supports a very simple upload API.

It is highly recommended to use the API associated with a user account. You could sign in to generate a key.

The API for uploading works with or without a key. It can be used simply with cURL on the command line under an OS like Linux with (download the example shell script):

curl -F key="YourApiKey" \
     -F file="@filename" \

The @filename portion has filename replaced with the actual file you wish to upload. The @ is required.

Once the upload is complete, the output will contain the status and the URL of the newly uploaded file. If the status is not error or fail, then it contains the tag for the file. The URL is the entire URL you may use to retrieve the file.

If any notes need to be shown as part of the transfer or processing, they will be displayed before the output. The URL, if the upload is successful, is always last in the output.

If you use an API key, you may also provide a password, dl_limit (download limit), or expire (date to expire the file) field along with the request.

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